As indicated on our website, Toce Performance is currently on a 2 to 3 week build cycle. Meaning it can take this amount of time for your system to be completed and shipped.

Please be mindful, that Toce hand builds each exhaust for its customers. With the current situation going on in the world, we have experienced major delays in ports and logisitics in the US itself; incoming and outgoing shipments have been severly delayed. We are working with multiple vendors to try and aquire materials that previously had no indication of needing to be ordered with lead times (Until they just didn't show up from the mills). This has been an extremely difficult time for us and we just ask our customers to bear with us while we do our best to source materials and get your systems built as quickly and perfectly as possible, without having to purchase lesser grade materials.

You will receive an email with tracking information and an updated status report once your order is processed by the team.  We assure everyone that we are working around the clock to get these systems built and shipped as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your understanding, for choosing Toce and letting us build you a system for your ride. We appreciate you.
-The Toce Team.