Razor Tip Full Exhaust - BMW S1000RR (15-16)

Razor Tip Full Exhaust - BMW S1000RR (15-16)

Decibel Killer for Toce Razor Canisters

Decibel Killer for Toce Razor Canisters

Razor Tip Full Exhaust - BMW S1000RR (15-16)

Constructed of Chemically Certified 6061-T6 & 6063 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

304 Stainless Steel Spiral Welded Perforated Baffle Assembly w/ISW Packing

Precision CNC Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel Header Assembly

Toce's Signature Razor Tip Canister Assembly
(Optional DB Killer Available)
Handcrafted in the USA


Optional Component Information

  • Servo Eliminators
    Allows you to remove the entire exhaust servo assemblies without getting an FI light
  • Brentune Powergate Handheld Flasher
    ECU Writing + Dealer Diagnostic handheld tuner.
    Read More About Flashing Here
  • Sprint Filter + IAT Kit
    This relocates the Intake Air Temp (IAT) sensor. Moving the sensor from the factory location near the cylinder heads and moving to the front of the bike away from the hot engine provides consistent power production. 

Toce ECU Flashes include corrective fueling for all modes and on both the IAP and TPS Maps. With cooler fan temp settings, reduced engine braking, and unrestricted other factory settings, you'll experience smoother drivability and more power..

Our 2014 S1000RR + Brentune Powergate Flash & Full System System Generated 208.9 WHP.

The BMW ECU Flashing option includes the purchase of a Power Gate developed by Brentuning.  The unit comes complete with a complimentary AlphaN ECU Upgrade free of charge.  It will require a windows based computer and basic knowledge of computers to download/install software. The unit itself offers reading / writing, and diagnostic features, aswell as the ability to store 4 different maps, clear codes, reset TPS, and trigger adaptation features found only in dealer tools..

You can read more about the specifics of the units here.

Delivery confirmation and a Direct Signature is required on anything valued over $100. Absolutely no questions asked. 
Carriers will not leave packages in your garage, back steps, or anywhere without a signature! Toce pay's an additional charge for this to keep you and your money safe! Missing/Stolen Package investigations can take up to 6 weeks. If you're unable to sign for the package, most carriers will deliver it to a location closest to your shipping address for your to collect at your convenience. Or you can schedule a drop off time.

Available and applicable for the BMW S1000RR - 2015, 2016

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